The Committee




George Mills is in his second year at King’s reading History. A proud son of Somerset, his passion for wine has grown since joining the College in 2018. He enjoys the uniqueness of English Sparkling Wine as a dynamic and exciting alternative to Champagne. He enjoys sparking wine from Sussex and Dorset in particular, as well as new world Pinot Noir from North America. Building on the work undertaken by previous Presidents, George has ensured that this year, all who attend the Society’s events have the opportunity not just to taste some exceptional wines, but to understand the beauty of the relationship between landscape, producer and the finished product.



Vice President

Matthew is a History student at King’s who hails from north of Hadrian's Wall; his love of wine evolved from the desire to find something with a tad more refinement than Buckfast! His favourites include wines from South Africa and Argentina, whether red or white as long as they are full-bodied. The job of Vice President is to ensure everything within the society ticks along finely, with events running smoothly and enjoyably for all present. Matthew looks forward to sharing great wines with people from all backgrounds and ages, regardless of how much or how little previous experience they bring. 

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Karl is reading Classical Studies at King's College where his interests lie in the literature, thought and reception of the ancient world. He is responsible for managing the finances, booking event spaces, negotiating fees and overseeing the Society's general branding to the public. His favourite wines are mainly from Burgundy and the upper Loire regions in central France. Karl is committed to a vision of the Fine Wine Society as a unique place at the College where education, networking and wine come together. 




Zaki is in his second year reading War Studies and History at King's. He was born and raised in Paris, where he studied literature and philosophy before moving to London. He particularly enjoys wines from Bourgogne as well as Alsace. As Secretary, he is in charge of managing all external correspondence and keeping members up-to-date. Zaki is committed to a vision of the Society where everyone can enjoy a broad spectrum of exceptional wines while making new acquaintances in a pleasant and convivial atmosphere.